Dj Name: Dj Kazz “Mr. GetWidit”

Aka: Kaz

Tag Line: Mr. GetWidIt

Has Dj’d: Brahmin, Felt, Bond, District, Foundation Lounge, Under Bar, Red Lulu, Lolita, Mar-A-Lago West Palm Beach, and for the Patriots’ Bob Kraft Family.

Equipment: All The Above

Most Memorable Moment as a Dj: Most Say all my gigs are memorable in there own uniqie way. But i have two most memorable ones are the gig in West Palm beach and Gig i did with Shadi, i played 3-4 songs and b4 i played each song the bat/bar-mitzvah boy/girl (can’t remember which one lol…) came up to request that song. At the end of the gig Him/Her told there parents about how He/She came to request 3-4 songs and every time He/She came up i was getting ready to play the songs. ”it’s like he was reading my mind” He/She said…. “GetWidIt Moment!! Yea Budddy…..

How Long have you been Djing: 7 YRS

What was your inspiration: The Love & Passion I have for music, also when i do a party or a club gig; its the fun, the excitement, the smile and the amazing time everyone is having. Musical Inspirations would most definitely be Dj jazzy jeff, Jam Master J & Grandmaster Flash

Musical Preference: ALL TYPE (depends on the mood im in at time or moment) Ha! Or whatever the Crowd Wants. Its all about the Crowd/Audience.

Something about yourself that we wouldn’t know about you: I’m a social person who loves to spend time with my Wifey, family and friends. Dj’ing is something I love to do but at the end of the day I am a good soul who can enjoy peace and quiet on the couch with my closest.