Dj Name: KUPAH (Coo-Pah)

Aka: Kupah James

Tag Line: “Specializing in the Over the Top and Outrageous” or “Klassified”

Has DJ’d: Donald Trumph’s Mar-A-Lago, Bob Kraft’s Residence, Private Events.

Equipment: Whatever Dj Kaz wants, Kupah buys double… Monkey See, Monkey Do! Lol. Also a Shure Microphone, Jordans, complete with Suspenders.

Most Memorable Moment as an EmCee: Hmmm? My very first time trying to EmCee I didn’t understand the Microphone and I was trying to lead dancing while yelling into the Mic. The only problem is every time I would wave my hands in the air, I would also try to instruct at the same time… Needless to say there was just a little confusion… Haha I have since learned how to instruct and emcee at the same time…

How Long Have you Been an EmCee? 8 years

What was your inspiration: Oh Man, The ability to move people with one word, one song, or one move is something in describable.

Musical Preference: EVERYTHING except rap and heavy metal “#NoBueno”. I’m partial to House, Dance, and Dance Anthems.

Something about yourself that we wouldn’t know about you: Each and Every time I step into an event, I am NERVOUS. I use comedy to ease the tension and let the rest fall into place. “#Klassic”

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