DJ Bobby Downey

DJ Name: Bobby Downey

AKA: Bobby Boom

Twitter: @DjBobbyDowney
Instagram: djbobbydowney

How long have you DJ’d: 2 1/2 years

Equipment: 2 CDJ’s, Dre Beats and My Bose L1 <3

Most Memorable Moment: The first time I had ever had a full dance floor about 2 years ago at a club in Providence…and how amazing it felt to have everyone singing along and having a great time. The fact that I was the reason why everyone was having such a great time has GOT to be the coolest feeling in the world.

Preference: Love ALL music! But nothing gets me dancing like EDM

Something people wouldn’t know:
Aside from DJing and dancing, my family and I own a Martial Arts Academy and I have been training/teaching for my whole life.

Biggest challenge:
I had was spinning a 7 hour set for a party of people that were from Europe!!! So not only did they not know the same music as me, but they couldnt even request songs. But music doesnt have a language barrier! After they heard Shakira, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce…we all danced for hours!!!!